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The Evolution of Language

When we speak to others there are four alternatives
as to how that can, and does, take place.

Real Communication
Alternative-1 in the figure above is the real alternative.
The real alternative involves the conscious state of existence. This is where real things are said to exist as physical objects.
Under the real alternative the real existence of physical objects is considered absolute. 
Under the real alternative the absolute nature of physical objects is sensually known to exist. This is why this alternative is often called the objective alternative.

Insane Ranting
Alternative-2 in the figure above is the insane alternative.
The insane alternative involves the schizophrenic state of existence. This is where things are said to exist as a no-thing.
Under the insane alternative the schizophrenic existence of a no-thing is considered demonic. This is where the demonic existence of an insane no-thing is considered to be evidence of a serious mental condition.
Under the insane alternative the demonic existence of an insane no-thing is hallucinated into existence. This is why this alternative is often called the emotional alternative.

Religious Edicts
Alternative-3 in the figure above is the religious alternative.
The religious alternative involves the spiritual state of existence. This is where the existence of religious no-things are said to exist dogmatically.
Under the religious alternative the dogmatic existence of spiritual no-things is believed into existence. 
Under the religious alternative the dogmatic nature of no-things is simply accepted to be that which other's have claimed it to be. This is why this alternative is often called the supernatural alternative.

Rational Understanding
Alternative-4 in the figure above is the rational alternative.
The rational alternative involves the reasoned state of existence. This is where the sensually known existence of thing's is abstracted into ideas.
Under the rational alternative the abstracted nature of ideas is conceptualized into the human mind as the terms of the human language called words and concepts; necessarily including their definitions.
Under the rational alternative the defined nature of ideas is considered to be the purposeful construction of intelligence. 
It is under the rational alternative that intelligence is understood to be nothing more, or less, than reality conceptualized into terms and their definitions. 
That is why this alternative is often called the scientific alternative.

To this point, we have fairly successfully tracked
The Evolution of Language

Notice how we have moved from the symbolic nature of animal communication through the fearful nature of insane rants and through the demanding nature of religious edicts to now end up at the meaningful nature of human intelligence.


Re-Examining the Four Alternatives to gain further understanding of how the human mind works.  

Under the REAL Alternative
Non-human animals (the beasts) purposefully create sounds to symbolize the physical existence of that which their brain has consciously imaged the factual nature of. Beasts communicate that which their brain has factually imaged by creating a specific sound to symbolize it's effect on and within their brain. To humans, most beastly sound seems noisy. It seems noisy only because humans do not understand why it is being created.
Oftentimes, a human baby will make sounds that seem noisy for the very reason most beastly sound seems noisy.

Under the INSANE Alternative 
Insane humans use sound in an effort to reveal the existence of that which has no relationship with or to physical nature. Although the sounds of insanity may seem familiar, they lack a real application or rational meaning. This is because there seems to be no known purpose or identifiable reason for their creation. It is as if the sounds occur in a manner similar to the noise resulting from nature interacting with nature at the inanimate level.
The insane do, of course, have a reason for creating human-like sound. It is the insane nature of their demons. But since the actual mental existence of these insane demons cannot be verified, their use of human sound seems noisy—that is, without a real cause or rational purpose.

Under the RELIGIOUS Alternative
Religious humans also make human sounds in an attempt to explain the existence of that which has no relationship to or within reality. The religious are attempting to explain the sounds resulting from their acceptance of the claims of their trusted 'intellectual' sources. However, since these claims have no known source, religious persons are considered to be spiritually insane rather than mentally insane. Spiritual insanity is insanity as a result of volitional belief rather than by some sort of non-volitional mental impairment.
The religious attempt to explain why it’s okay for the sounds they use to exist absent a known cause or rational purpose. Unlike the insane, religious persons have no known or knowable reason for why their sounds exist—and that does not seem to bother them in the least. This is because they have their God on their side. Their God takes the brunt of their insane beliefs, permitting them to avoid having to explain the absurdity of their claimed supernatural, spiritual, and/or mystical existence and/or cause.
The religious, of course, deny their close link with insanity. But notice—absent a link with reality, they are left with nothing to explain. If a no-thing actually did exist, what could be said about it? Nothing! Again notice: The religious have been trying to, and continue to try to, explain the existence of a no-thing. It is as if they are insanely screaming into the darkness of no-place.
This is evidence of mental illness. Whether purposeful or not, it is still evidence of mental illness. Mental illness purposefully imposed on oneself is mental illness nonetheless.

Under the RATIONAL Alternative
Rational humans create language as an epistemological tool—a tool to explain reality, necessarily including the reality of happy human existence right here on earth. Knowing what one is talking about takes place in reality, explaining what one understands about that takes place in intelligence.

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