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The Evolution of Explanation

When explaining the nature of human nature to another,
the same four alternatives apply, but with added features.

Real Sensing
Under the real alternative, the absolute nature of physical objects is sensually known to exist. It is under this alternative that we discuss how all high-functioning animal brains operate. All high-functioning brains—necessarily including the human brain—have five sense organs extending from them.

This is how they sensually know that the absolute nature of physical existence actually does exist. It's physical existence is sensed; i.e., it's physical existence is made sense of.

Insane Appearance
Under the insane alternative, the mental existence of demonic no-things just seems to appear as if from nowhere. Rather than being sensually known to exist, as is the case under the real alternative, the insane appearance of demotic no-things is hallucinated into existence.

To an insane-functioning brain, the hallucinated nature of demons seems to be equivalent to the true nature of conscious brain imaging. Where the true nature of a brain image can be traced to that which the brain sensually knows to exist, the hallucinated nature of mental demons has no known source, cause or reason for existing.

The hallucinated nature of mental demons is a natural result of a brain that is deranged, meaning electrochemically imbalanced or physiologically damaged. 

Religious Acceptance
Under the religious alternative, the absurd [as opposed to the insane] nature of dogmatic no-things is just simply accepted to be that which others have stated they believe it to be.

This premise necessarily requires the associated premise, that the consequence experienced as a direct result of acting based on one’s dogmatically stated belief must also be accepted.

Rational Creation
Under the rational alternative, the intellectual nature of ideas is created. It is created from that which is rationally understood to be the case about that which is sensually known to be the case. This premise necessarily invokes the associated premise stating that one must understand the consequence resulting from acting based on what one understands to be the case prior to initiating the actions required to bring that understood consequence into reality. 

Unlike sensually knowing that reality exists, which only involves a brain and is therefore discussed under the real alternative; creating intelligence also requires a rational functioning mind; i.e., a reasoning mind. Note that it is not until we get to this alternative that we can discuss that human mind function called reasoning. 

It is the reasoning function of the human mind that is ultimately responsible for the ability of humans to understand cause-and-effect relationships and to conceptualize terms symbolizing that understanding. And it is this conceptualizing ability that is the reason for why only humans have been able to move themselves from living in caves to living in luxury.

Re-Examining the REAL alternative

It is only under the real alternative that we can begin to talk about what the source of knowledge is. Ultimately the source of knowledge exists as being the existence of the absolute nature of the objects of physical reality including the physical existence of the human head and it's contents.  

When a brain sensually knows that a real something exists it is the existence of the absolute nature of it's physical existence that is automatically transmitted into the brain for further processing. 

A definition of 'sensual knowing' which is worth noting: 

"Knowing is that automatically occurring sensual event which takes place between two real objects when at least one of these real objects is a brain." 

The objects of reality exist physically, but their 'sensually-known' existence exists as an electrochemical change to and within a brain's physical structure. Evidence of that electrochemical change is called a brain-image. The automatically occurring brain function responsible for creating  brain-images from that which it sensually knows to exist is called brain-consciousness. To the human brain's mind function it is the 'conscious-existence' of the brain-image that exists as being the knowledge it requires for it's intellectual development and growth. Therefore, and again; to the human brain's mind function, it is the existence of the absolute nature of the physical existence of the objects of reality that is considered to be the SOURCE of the knowledge required for it's intellectual development and growth. The source of knowledge is not what the object is, but rather that the existence of the absolute nature of it's physical existence does exist as whatever it is. 

For ones brain to acquire knowledge, then, only requires it to sensually know that a real physical something exists. And yes! this does require that all animal brains do acquire the knowledge necessary for their intellectual development and growth. However! It is only the human brain that has demonstrated a properly functioning mind (i.e., a reasoning mind) and it is therefore only the human brain's mind function which is capable of creating intelligence. 

Note that it is impossible to acquire knowledge from, or about, nothing at all. That requires belief. And yes it is also true that the human brain has demonstrated a belief; or a believing, function. 

Keep This in Mind 
Since the human brain's mind function takes place entirely within the human head; it then, cannot sensually know (and therefore does not sensually know) that an object in physical reality exists. In other words: The direct resource required for the reasoning function of the human mind to proceed is not what it's brain sensually knows to exist. What happens is that the mind function of the human brain becomes perceptually aware of the sensual influence of the source of knowledge on it's human brain called a brain-image. 

The consciousness function of the human brain automatically presents that which it sensually knows to be the case to its mind function in the form of physiological and electrochemical changes called brain-images. When the sensual event ceases to exist the resulting brain image also ceases to exist. Any remaining physiological and/or electrochemical change is re-termed from image into memory. 

A brain-image can exist for only as long as an object in reality is sensually stimulating a brain. It is the existence of the sensually-potent physiological and electrochemical interference existing between the atoms of the object and the atoms of the brain that is called fact It is called fact simply because it does ; i.e., it factually, exists. Please continue to remember that the physical and electrical nature of the atomic interference is-not 'known' to exist by the human brain's mind function. Eventually: It is understood to exist by that human brain's mind function. 

Sensual brain knowing is the prerequisite of perceptual mind understanding. Think of it in this way: When the human brain's consciousness creates an image of that which is factually stimulating it; it's mind function understands that there must be a reason for why the factual nature of the brain image exists. In other words: the existence of the sensually-potent atomic interference is called fact by that brain's mind function because it's real existence does; in fact, existFact is an idea created by the brain's mind function to further it's intellectual development and growth. Fact idealizes what a brain knows to exist into what it's mind understands about why it's brain knows what it knows. 

The human mind can perceive the factual nature of a brain-image only during that time when it's brain is consciously imaging what it sensually knows to exist. To test this premise: Look at an object and then close your eyes. You now understand this premise. The source of the knowledge required for your brain's mind function to understand what the object is, is no longer factually available to it. This test verifies that the source of the knowledge necessary for your mind to understand what the nature of the object is and what your relationship to and with it is, is possessed by the object. Your brain may remember its sensual experience with that object, but that is not the same as it's mind function being actively presented with the source of the knowledge it requires for it's own intellectual development and growth. 

Follow this logic: Because the objects of reality exist in an absolute sense, then, their brain-images are considered to be a true mental representation of their physical existence. 

Any statement derived from what is true is called a - truth. Since a brain's mind function cannot know [and therefore does not know] anything at all; then it's only recourse is to try and understand what it's brain does know. The mind function responsible for understanding the true nature of a brain-image is called reason. Truth's are-not based on what a brain sensually knows to be the case: They are based on what it's mind function understands about what is being factually presented to it in the form of a brain-image. 

In other words: Truth's explain what is understood about physical reality. When a mind explains what is known the result is called a truth

Notice how a truth explains what is rationally understood rather than what is sensually known. A truth reveals the absolute nature of the source of the knowledge which a brain has consciously imaged the factual nature of. A truth cannot be set-aside by belief. When a truth is formulated any and all previous beliefs just simply disappear from lack of interest. Importantly; a belief cannot be destroyed, it can only be ignored. It will eventually disappear from human cognition. 

Again and again: Whenever one changes the focus of one’s interest, the terms one uses to explain that new interest must also change. Otherwise, others will become confused as to what it is one is talking about.

Case in point:
  1. When the focus of our interest is on the inanimate objects of physical reality, we say the relationship between them is electrochemical—that it is a naturally occurring electrochemical interaction, or chemical reaction. 
  2. When the focus of our interest changes to also include an animate object of reality, we say the relationship between them is sensual, or that it is representative of a naturally occurring sensual stimulation of a living something.
  3. When the focus of our interest changes to now include a brain, we say the sensual stimulation is known to exist. 
  4. When the focus of our interest again changes to now include a mind we say that the reason for the existence of the sensually known electrochemical stimulation is understood. 
Note that in each of the 4-cases, the fundamentals of the relationships are electrochemical. But since the conditions being discussed are so vastly different this alone requires us to change the terms we use to discuss them. We do this to avoid becoming confused as to what it is we are specifically talking about.

Re-Examining the INSANE alternative

Under the insane alternative, the equivalent to the factual nature of a brain-image is the insane nature of a mental-aberration. Where a brain-image presents as being the sensually-known existence of the absolute nature of physical reality, a mental aberration presents as being the demonically-known existence of nothing at all. 

Notice that we cannot properly use the term 'known' when it is preceded by any form of the term demon. The term replacing sensual knowing is 'mental insanity'. Therefore: we transition from sensual knowing to mental insanity when discussing demonic aberrations. 

A demonic aberration is a naturally occurring resultant of the deranged actions of a damaged brain. The deranged existence of demons within a brain is hallucinated into existence rather than being imaged into existence by normal brain consciousness. In other words, hallucinatory demonizing is the insane contrary of conscious imaging. 

Conscious brain-imaging is a naturally occurring result of the automatically occurring electrochemical operations of a properly operating brain. Conscious brain imaging can occur only when an object of reality is within the sensual range of that brain's sense organ extensions. That object’s brain-image is conscious evidence of the absolute nature of the existence of it's physical existence. But notice—it is also conscious evidence of the absolute nature of the existence of that brain’s physical existence as well.

Since a demonic aberration is hallucinated into existence, then, the cause of it's existence is not available for scrutiny by the brains of others. In other words, the non-real (insane or demonic) existence of a mental aberration (a demon) cannot be validated. It is as if a demonic no-thing actually does exist as a real physical something that does not actually exist. This contradiction is so bizarre its existence is considered evidence of a serious mental illness. This is why this alternative is often called the emotional alternative.

Again: Demotic schizophrenia is the deluded contrary of conscious brain imaging. To be schizophrenic is to not understand the cause of one’s mental delusions. Therefore, schizophrenia can be (and nearly always is) a very scary mental condition. 

Re-Examining the RELIGIOUS alternative

Under the religious alternative, is where we talk about faith. Like schizophrenia, faith can also be considered evidence of abnormal mental functioning. And, like schizophrenia, faith is also a fear based mental operation. For example, “If you don’t behave as God says, you are going to go to hell.”

Unlike schizophrenia, which is the non-volitional [i.e., hallucinatory] creation of mental demons, faith is a fully volitional action of religious acceptance. In other words: To be considered religious one must unconditionally accept the dogmatic claims of one’s trusted intellectual advisers. Fundamentally, their claims are based on whatever it is their mind is capable of believing with believing defined as being a religious form of demonic hallucination. Religion demands that one simply accept the dogmatically stated claims [the beliefs] of ones trusted religious advisers as they continue to attempt to convince one’s mind that their beliefs are direct resultants of the actual spoken words of their deity God. 

Where demonic schizophrenia is considered to be a serious brain malfunction, volitional religious belief is considered to be that spiritually based brain function called acceptance. To a religious mind the mystical, magical, supernatural basis of religious belief supersedes the absolute physical basis of human intelligence. The influence of religious belief on one’s thoughts, and thereby on one’s actions, cannot be predicted because [like demotic hallucination] it has no known or verifiable foundation. Since the belief basis of religious acceptance is not founded on known and explained cause and effect relationships, then, religious acceptance actually interferes with ones intellectual development and growth.

How else is one to explain why some people purposefully blow themselves up? These people believe they are acting in a proper human way. That is why they do that. They can and do understand what the actual physical consequence to their living person is going to be. Yet they do it anyway. Why? Because the have accepted the believe that there is going to be a second mystical, spiritual, magical, supernaturally based consequence following the first! Otherwise, they have no reason or purpose for blowing themselves up. From where did they get this absurd notion? They got it from their trusted religious advisers! They got their information as to what proper human behavior is and requires of them from the same kinds of people you may be getting your information from.

Faithful acceptance is that mental condition where one simply believes that others know what it is they are talking about. As such, acceptingbelief [religious or otherwise] is not a means of acquiring knowledge. It is the means or cause of becoming and/or remaining ignorant. The faithful are ignorant of that which is a requirement for human's to achieve happiness right here on earth. 

The faithful do not and cannot become faithful by thinking about that which they know to be the case. As a matter of fact; under the religious alternative, thinking is considered a blasphemous mental action. Believing (or at least faking to be a believer and accepting the associated consequence) is a requirement of staying alive in many cultures dominated by religious theology.

The faithful are taught from very early childhood to simply accept the beliefs of their trusted religious advisers. In most cases, this includes their parents. Religious people simply accept whatever their trusted religious advisers say is the case, under any condition and all circumstance. One hopes their religious advisers know what it is they are talking about, but they do not. Their advise is of a mystical nature [as opposed to a insane nature], and is recorded within their texts of religious dogma.

Dogmatically recorded belief, by definition, does not relate to reality. It has no relationship to or with the source of knowledge. The recorded dogma of any faith exists by result of the spiritual operations of mystically focused minds. Religious dogma can only exist by result of those insane few who have been able to transition the demons of their hallucinations into the angels of their religion. 

A religious person can be expected to do and/or say anything to promote, expand, and/or force their accepted belief's into the mind's of non-believers. They can also be expected to be equally willing to accept whatever the consequence of acting in accordance with whatever their stated belief requires of them. This necessarily includes causing the death of those who refuse to be religiously "conditioned" by their dogmatic claims of intellectual superiority. 

Re-Examining the RATIONAL alternative

It isn’t until we again reach the rational alternative, that we can explain the intellectual nature of human nature and that upon which its happy existence depends. Fundamentally it depends on understanding what the consequences of ones behavior will be prior to initiating the virtue which will bring that understood consequence into reality. 

It is important to realize that an explanation is equally valid for every person who has ever lived at any time in the past, for every person who now lives regardless of their personal conditions or circumstances; and for every person who will ever live at any time in the future, anywhere in the entire physical universe.

This is because an explanation is based in, and on, what is sensually known about the existence of  absolute nature of physical reality; i.e., it is based on what you, and I, and they sensually know by to be the case. It is based on understanding clause and effect relationships and then only doing that which will result in a beneficial; i.e., a happy, consequence. It is based on the sensually known [and eventually] intellectually understood source of knowledge. 

Under the rational alternative the information used to formulate an explanation is held conceptually. It is held within human conceptual intelligence (there simply is no other kind!). Rather than being automatically known to exist, as is the case with the source of knowledge; conceptual intelligence is purposefully created by a rational functioning mind; i.e., by a reasoning mind; i.e., by a thinking mind. But, recall, it is created from that which a properly functioning brain sensually knows to be the case. An explanation; then, reveals the source of the knowledge upon which it's validity depends. 

Case in point: Recall when I was explaining my daughter’s mental condition described as severe mental impairment. Although her mind functioned in a rational manner, it was not able to efficiently conceptualize what it knew to factually be the case into intelligence. Her conceptual mind functioned at less than 30 percent efficiency even though her conscious brain functioned 100 percent rationally.

The evidence proving one’s brain is presenting the source of knowledge to it's mind function for processing into intelligence is called a brain-image. Alternately, a brain-image is conscious evidence of the factual influence of the source of knowledge on a human brain. It is impossible for a brain to be exposed to the source of knowledge in the absence of the absolute nature of physical reality. 

The source of knowledge cannot be physically moved into, or somehow physically relocated into, one’s brain. One’s brain can only become factually conscious of the sensual influence of the source of knowledge on it. Knowledge; itself, is said to exist as an image within one's brain. Knowledge exists as a consciously imaged physiological and electrochemical change to and within the chemical, electrical, and physical structure of one’s brain. Recalling that what a brain becomes conscious of is the factual influence of the source of knowledge on it. It is only after the human brain's consciousness function creates a fact based image that it can be claimed that knowledge is now available to it's mind function for further processing into intelligence. Where the human brain senses the absolute nature of the physical existence of objects; it's mind function perceives the resulting image to be the knowledge required to formulate a reason based explanation. One cannot separate human brain consciousness from it's rational mind function without experiencing catastrophic consequences; i,e. without experiencing religious consequences. 

Again: When we change the focus of our discussion we MUST change the terms we use.

What a brain becomes conscious of is the naturally occurring electrochemical interference occurring between it's atoms and the atom's of the objects of physical reality. What that same human brain's mind function becomes perceptually aware of is the brain-image resulting naturally from that same electrochemical interference. The physical existence of objects is absolute, the sensual influence of objects on a brain is fact, and the conscious existence of fact is knowledge. 

It is impossible to create intelligence in the absence of knowledge; i.e., in the absence of knowing what it is that one is talking about.

The source of knowledge is the existence of the absolute nature of physical existence. When the source of knowledge comes within the sensual range of one’s brain, that causes an electrochemical change to occur to and within one’s brain. When one’s brain becomes conscious of that electrochemical change the consciousness function of one’s brain creates a fact based image of that which is responsible for causing the initial electrochemical change to occur. 

The source of knowledge does-not exist physically, it exists intellectually. The source of knowledge is not WHAT physical reality is, but is instead THAT it's physical existence exists as whatever it is. Since the source of knowledge only exists intellectually; then, it's existence cannot be known to exist, it can only be understood to exist. 

This is why a demonic hallucination is so very disruptive to a person suffering from this disease. It is impossible to behave properly when attempting to use a demonic hallucination as the source of ones knowledge. 

This is also why religious acceptance is so very disrupting to a person who believes that other's have already discovered the truth and all they now need do is simply follow their instructions no matter the absurdity of the path or the insanity of the resulting consequences.

Recalling that the source of the materials a brain uses to construct the factual nature of its brain-images is not the objects of physical reality; it is the factual influence of those objects on it. Now note this very important distinction. When a brain becomes conscious, what it becomes conscious of is fact. Since a brain cannot sense the existence of  no-thing; then, it cannot become factually conscious of a no-thing. When a brain-image seems to exist but there is no factual cause of it this is called an hallucination and the resulting brain-entity [not brain-image] is re-termed to become a brain-demon. A brain-demon is an insanely formed brain existent rather than a consciously formed brain existent. Conscious brain functioning is proper. Demonic brain functioning is not proper—it is insane. 

A beastly functioning brain believes its brain-image is a real physical something. But a rational functioning mind can understand that this is not the case. Note: Brains do believe, and minds can understand. The difference between brain-believing and mind-understanding is the difference between beast and human, between faith and intelligence.

The factual nature of a brain-image exists as being the knowledge that brain's mind function perceives as consisting of the information which it requires to construct an idea. Brain consciousness creates images from what is factually knows to exist; it's mind function perceives those brain images to be the knowledge it requires to create intelligence. 

For example:
The total combined existence of what is sensually known to exist is called - reality; and the entities of reality are called objects; i.e., reality exists objectively.

The total combined existence of what is understood about reality is called - intelligence; and the entities of intelligence are called concepts; i.e., intelligence exists conceptually

Intelligence is nothing more (or less) than what is known about the objects of reality [including their relationships] conceptualized into the terms of human language, including their definitions. 

Again: When the mind function of the human brain becomes aware of a brain-image it perceives it's existence to consist of the information it requires for its intellectual development and growth. A discussion involving human brain functioning is focused on reacting to painful and pleasurable physical experiences, but a discussion involving its mind-function is focused on identifying their cause and effect relationships. It does this by thinking about the consequences resulting from it's brain's physical experiences with the objects of reality. When the mind understands the real nature of these experienced consequences it is said that it has identified their cause and effect relationships. Each cause and effect element of an experienced consequence obtains its own identity. It is the reasoned identification of these cause and effect relationships that is collected into a single entity called an idea. Identity is considered to be the mental conduit thru which fact-based information flows into one’s mind to be processed into the conceptual nature of one’s intelligence. 

Identity is the link between brain consciousness and mind perception, between brain knowing and mind understanding, between the real existence of the absolute nature of physical objects and the created existence of the abstract nature of their reasoned concepts.

When discussing reality, we are concerned with the absolute nature of the objects of physical reality. When discussing brain consciousness, we are concerned with the factual nature of brain images. When discussing mind awareness, we are concerned with the informational nature of knowledge. and when discussing reasoned understanding we are concerned with the conceptual nature of ideas. 

Where the human brain function proceeds automatically, it's reasoning mind function, called thinking, is fully volitional. One's mind must be (it can only be) purposefully engaged. And the purpose of volitionally engaging the thinking function of one's mind is to understand, and from that position, to explain the requirements of achieving human happiness right here on earth.

It is the information of which knowledge consists that is abstracted from it to create ideas. And it is ideas that are conceptualized into intelligence. The function of the human mind that conceptualizes ideas into intelligence is called reason. Therein is what is called - reasoned intelligence. 

Where ideas consist of the information abstracted from knowledge, intelligence consists of the concepts which were created specifically to store that abstracted information within ones mind. Therefore: To be considered intellectual ones concepts must have a sensually known source. Ultimately concepts must have an absolute physical basis. To be considered intelligent one must be able to demonstrate the source of ones knowledge. One must be able to 'point' at reality and say "that is my source of knowledge." When this is the case, then, ones stated claim cannot be denied nor set aside because the source of the claim exists absolutely. 

Concepts are the way the human mind stores the information it abstracts from knowledge. Conceptually held knowledge; then, denotes (or stands in the place of) the absolute nature of physical reality. With this being the case, and assuming normality in ones physical and intellectual development, the consequences one experiences from the use and application of ones concepts will be fully consistent with the requirements of achieving ones happiness right here on earth.

The mind of those people who are blowing themselves up is focused on a no-thing as if that is an actual something which does not actually exist. They deserve what they get - nothing.

First we needed to resolve how sound symbols evolved into language. Now we can use that language to explain what an explanation is.

To explain something means to provide the source of ones knowledge. Which, in turn, requires knowing what it is one is talking about.

"Knowing is that automatically occurring sensual event which takes place between two real objects when at least one of these real objects is a brain."

An explanation cannot be different from what it is because it is derived from the absolute nature of physical reality. The oft-heard mantra “Let’s just agree to disagree” is an absurdity. The only position more absurd is the unconditional acceptance of the religious claim that a no-thing [insert deity God] is a something that does not exist in a knowable way; that is, it does not (is not sensually know to) physically exist. Therefore: (whatever its existence is claimed to be) it must be (can only be) believed into existence. The only way the claimed existence of a deity God's demands can interfere with the reasoning function of one's mind, and thereby determine one’s actions, is if its non-existence is believed into existence. 

To explain something [anything] is to reveal one’s intelligence. An explanation involves demonstrating the absolute nature of that upon which its intellectual nature depends. To explain human happiness is to reveal the laws of nature governing of what a proper human existence consists and that upon which its 'continued' happy existence depends. Explaining the nature of human happiness is; by necessity, done outside the dogmatic boundaries enforced by religious believers.

Under certain circumstances explaining the true nature of human nature can be very dangerous. Some people get so upset they actually explode!

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